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Resources to support the teaching of reading in KS1/2

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Welcome to the University of Cumbria's support site for the effective teaching of reading.




What is the purpose of this resource?

This resource has been designed and produced in partnership with University of Cumbria 'Leading Partners in Literacy' schools. As such it has drawn on the excellent practice in the teaching of reading from a diverse range of teachers in a great variety of schools in Cumbria and Lancashire - from small rural schools to large schools in inner-city areas. Advice and support has also been provided by experienced and well-respected Local Authority Literacy Consultants.


Who is the resource for?

The aim is to provide a resource for classroom teachers - whether you are still in training, in your NQT year, or more experienced we hope there will be something here to support you. If you are a Literacy coordinator, a school-based mentor, or a teacher researcher, you will also find resources here to support your work.



How do I use the resource?

This resource is based around key principles surrounding the teaching of reading, and resources are located accordingly. Within each of the 6 principles, resources are clearly signposted, so whether it is a good book you are looking for, ideas on making phonics fun, ideas for staff meetings or how to set up an effective reading environment, you will be able to find them here.



This resource is regularly added to and updated, if you have any particular requests or suggestions, or would like to leave feedback, then please use the comments button to the top right of this page.


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