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Resources to support the teaching of reading in KS1/2

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Principle 2: Read a range of texts for a range of purposes

Read a range of texts for a range of purposes including 21st Century texts


An effective teacher of reading:


Supports children in becoming aware of the purpose of the text type/genre


  • Has secure subject knowledge of the structural and language features of the text type/genre 


  • Provides opportunities for importing the content of other curricular areas into a literacy lesson and exporting skills from literacy lessons into other curricular areas 


  • Provides a relevant and interesting context for children’s learning 


  • Makes use of and teaches how to use ICT texts incorporating sound and images as well as text 


  • Provides opportunities for independent reading for purpose and pleasure 


  • Shares their own reading practices with children 


  • Has different text types/genres available for children to read independently (including comics, children’s newspapers, joke books etc…)  

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