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Pointers to Practice for New Secondary School Teachers: Teaching Reading Skills Across the Curriculum

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Karen Lockney, University of Cumbria


This edition of ‘First Class’ will help you explore issues surrounding the teaching of reading in secondary schools across all subjects. Excellent contemporary teaching and learning strategies acknowledge that all teachers should be aware of their responsibility to support pupils’ acquisition of reading skills. This includes both supporting struggling readers in KS3, and developing the skills of more competent readers. This, alongside other strategies, will encourage pupils’ enthusiasm for reading, raise attainment in all subjects and make significant contributions to pupils’ overall development. The guide offers information about the government’s preferred method for the teaching of reading: systematic synthetic phonics, and considers how secondary schools can respond to the use of this strategy. The guide also considers other issues pertinent to the teaching of reading, with practical suggestions for classroom practice as well as key areas for your consideration.


First Class resources are designed for new teachers:

  • Being an effective teacher is a challenging role. It involves beliefs, identity, emotional awareness and interpersonal skills integrated with pedagogical and curriculum subject knowledge; it is not just a matter of applying a set of technical skills.
  • Being a new teacher is particularly challenging because you are attempting to manage a steep professional learning curve for yourself whilst focusing primarily on the learning of your pupils. During this time it is easy for you to focus so much on survival in your current role and particular workplace that you lose touch with important knowledge bases developed during your previous training and experiences.
  • The University of Cumbria ‘First Class’ guides are designed to be user friendly quick reference aids to key areas of practice. They aim to help you as a new teacher to sustain a questioning approach, to continue to develop your pedagogy, and to make a contribution to raising pupil achievement within your role.


Series Editor: Pete Boyd Assistant Editor: Linda Shore

Faculty of Education

Published by: The University of Cumbria

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