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The Cumbria Teacher of Reading Professional Development Resource

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Who is this resource for?

At the University of Cumbria, we are committed to ensuring that all of our student-teachers are well prepared to teach children how to read.


The purpose of this resource is to:

  • support your understanding of systematic synthetic phonics and the essential role it plays in the teaching of reading; 
  • enhance the support and feedback that student-teachers at the University of Cumbria receive; 
  • inform you of recent debates about the teaching of reading and Ofsted’s publications in this area; 
  • keep you up to date with government initiatives related to this area.  


However it is not only useful for all colleagues (university and school-based) involved in training and assessing student-teachers but will continue to be a source of professional development for NQTs throughout their induction year.


Sections can be worked through systematically or used to dip into, depending on the prior knowledge of the user.


Once you have thoroughly explored this resource, please access the final tab on the left in order to complete a brief evaluation. The results from the evaluations will help us to continually refresh and improve it.


Below are direct links to the training materials for OFSTED inspectors from which much of the content of this resource has been based.


OFSTED (2011) Getting them reading early

OFSTED (2011) Reading, writing and communication (literacy)


Series Editor: Pete Boyd Assistant Editor: Linda Shore

Faculty of Education

Published by: The University of Cumbria

Enquiries to:

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